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  • Description: Brown jersey glove
  • Item No: DCD109
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Brown jersey.Red fleece liner,Wing thumb/open cuff.





 Cotton canvas material provides greater protection from cold, dirt and dust than string knits

  Minimum abrasion protection and a moderate amount of heat protection to keep hands clean and comfortable

 Made from 100% natural 8 oz. canvas with knit wrists

 Cost-effective, versatile hand protection offers light protection for oil drilling, warehousing, farming and automotive applications

 The pvc dots on some styles and provide increased grip.


Item No. Size Material  Liner Colour Measurements CE certificate
DCD109 06-XS Jersey Fleece Brown/Red 210mm±5mm EN388 EN420
DCD109 07-S Jersey Fleece Brown/Red 220mm±5mm EN388 EN420
DCD109 08-M Jersey Fleece Brown/Red 230mm±5mm EN388 EN420
DCD109 09-L Jersey Fleece Brown/Red 240mm±5mm EN388 EN420
DCD109 10-XL Jersey Fleece Brown/Red 250mm±5mm EN388 EN420
DCD109 11-XXL Jersey Fleece Brown/Red 260mm±5mm EN388 EN420

•General Industrial Work

•Refrigerated Areas 

•General Maintenance

•Material Handling



•Gardening/Outdoor uses

•Automotive plants

•Farming and agricultural applications