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  • Description: Red latex warm glove
  • Item No: DHL612
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Red latex household gloves.electrostatic flocklined warm gloves.diamond grip.roll cuff.




• Premium quality Natural Latex Gloves offering excellent strength while maintaining high level of dexterity and flexibility.
• Anatomically shaped for extra comfort and reducing hand fatigue.
• Slip resistant diamond or fishscale pattern on palm of glove ensuring good grip in both wet and dry.
• Soft cotton Flock lining absorbs perspiration keeping hands cool. Easier to put on and take off.
• Available in both chlorinated and unchlorinated.
• Sanitized-treated with bacteriostatic and fungicidal agents for hygiene and fighting skin irritation.



Item No. Size Material Colour Measurements CE certificate
DHL612 S Cotton/Latex Red 300mm±2mm EN388 EN420
DHL612 M Cotton/Latex Red 300mm±2mm EN388 EN420
DHL612 L Cotton/Latex Red 300mm±2mm EN388 EN420
DHL612 XL Cotton/Latex Red 300mm±2mm EN388 EN420


• Commercial kitchens and laundries
• Toilet.carpet floor
• Sanitation and daily life protect hands from weak acid and weak alkali.
• Industrial and general cleaning
• For food processing (canning, packing fruits and vegetables, cheese factories, dairies)
• General maintenance, janitorial
• Laboratories