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  • Description: Grey nylon with black nitrile glove
  • Item No: DNNS385Y(DNN442)
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13 gauge grey nylon liner,Black nitrile fully coated.




• Comfort The soft seamless knitted liner provides an excellent level of comfort.

• Excellent grip Exceptional grip in dry applications and good in many light oil applications.

• Sensitivity The light weight and durable Nitrile coating provides outstanding touch sensitivity and grip.

 An elastic knit-wrist secures the glove above the wrist for comfort and preventing debris from entering the glove.



Item No. Size Material Coating Colour Measurements CE certificate
DNNS385Y 06-XS Nylon Nitrile Grey/Black 210mm±5mm EN388-3121
DPNS385Y 06-XS Polyester Nitrile Grey/Black 210mm±5mm EN388-3121
DNNS385Y 07-S Nylon Nitrile Grey/Black 220mm±5mm EN388-3121
DPNS385Y 07-S Polyester Nitrile Grey/Black 220mm±5mm EN388-3121
DNNS385Y 08-M Nylon Nitrile Grey/Black 230mm±5mm EN388-3121
DPNS385Y 08-M Polyester Nitrile Grey/Black 230mm±5mm EN388-3121
DNNS385Y 09-L Nylon Nitrile Grey/Black 240mm±5mm EN388-3121
DPNS385Y 09-L Polyester Nitrile Grey/Black 240mm±5mm EN388-3121
DNNS385Y 10-XL Nylon Nitrile Grey/Black 250mm±5mm EN388-3121
DPNS385Y 10-XL Polyester Nitrile Grey/Black 250mm±5mm EN388-3121
DNNS385Y 11-XXL Nylon Nitrile Grey/Black 260mm±5mm EN388-3121
DPNS385Y 11-XXL Polyester Nitrile Grey/Black 260mm±5mm EN388-3121

• Component Handing

• General Assembly

• Electronics

• Light Engineering Work

• Furniture Manufacturing

• Automotive Assembly

• Safety Construction Working

• General Industry

• Gardening Industry


Package Modes

Cartons Size
one dozen/polybag,240pairs/carton. 60*30*32cm



The carton size for different package modes ,please download the attachments,that can calculate the quantity you want.