The Chinese New Year Holiday in 2015

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Dear Client ,

We will be on holidays on the coming New Year Holiday. Please note that our holiday arrangements are as follows:

Closed from 18th (Wednesday) February to 24th (Tuesday) February , 2015

Opened on 25th (Wednesday) February, 2015 .


Wish you a happy holiday!



New Year's Day

New Year's Day is a grand occasion for the Chinese people. They celebrate the New Year like people all over the world. Since ancient times, the day has been called 'Yuandan' by the Chinese. 'Yuan' means 'at the beginning'. 'Dan' means 'day', so joined together the words mean 'first day of a year'. For 3,000 years, China has greeted Yuandan with joyous ceremonies. Due to the different longitudes upon which countries lie in the world, the time of the celebration varies. China is the twelfth country to celebrate the event and the people are rewarded with one day's vacation. All kinds of festive programs are presented on TV, and organizations and schools hold parties to let everyone enter into the jubilant atmosphere of the festival. Sincere good wishes are reflected by people's smiles and wonderful performances at parties. Great hopes for an excellent year are embedded in everyone's mind.

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