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  • Description: TPR gloves
  • Item No: TPR112
  • Brand Name: DDSAFETY
  • Unit Price:
  • Minimum Order: 3600Pairs
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Materials: 13 gauge HPPE shell With Black nitrile coating Smooth finished, TPR knuckle protection.  TPR padding on the back of hand and fingers.
Size: 7'-11'

CE4543, Cut level 3 or level 5


•Automotive, Tools Handling, Construction, Electronic Industry,

•Mining, Gardening, Glass Industry, Construction, Engineering,

•Plumbing, Assembly Industry, Packaging, Aluminium Industry etc.

•13-gauge Hyperon blended shell delivers a ground-breaking combination of ultra-lightweight comfort and maximum cut protection

•NitriX® Grip Technology palm coating delivers rock-solid grip in oily applications, enhanced abrasion resistance and increases wear life

•High-visibility TPR enhances worker protection and ensures worker compliance

•Soft and flexible stitched TPR pads extend all the way to the finger tips to deflect and absorb impacts

•Touchscreen compatible

•Dark grey color hides dirt and grime to extend wear

•Elasticized cuff for a secure fit

•Color-coded overcast acts as a visual aid for sizing and helps prevent fraying

•Machine washable for longer service life

•ANSI Level A6 Cut Resistance, ANSI Level 5 Abrasion Resistance and ANSI Level 5 Puncture Resistance


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